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25 February 2021
Running for the second time, The Autumn League is an end of season competition based on all competitive fixtures between September 1 and October 31.

The season begins in March. After the first competitive match takes place, the standings will appear here. In the meantime, as a guide to who's 'hot' and who is not, here is a list of the riders you've picked so far and how many times you've picked them.

Top riders picked so far:

RiderTeamAverageNumber of picks
Drew KempEastbourne3.58178
Adam EllisUnattached6.49160
Jake AllenUnattached7.26160
Ty ProctorKing's Lynn4.43160
Robert LambertUnattached7.81160
Ryan DouglasWolverhampton4.66156
Leon FlintBerwick3.33155
Erik RissUnattached8.41155
Jason DoyleUnattached8.96153
Chris HarrisPeterborough6.16153
Kyle BickleyBerwick3.79151
Jaimon LidseyUnattached5.16148
Scott NichollsPeterborough5.50142
Nick MorrisWolverhampton5.38138
Broc NicolGlasgow5.16133
Hans AndersenPeterborough5.79128
Broc NicolWolverhampton4.00127
Nicki PedersenUnattached8.61124
Nico CovattiUnattached5.27120
Ellis PerksSwindon3.57119
Charles WrightBelle Vue6.68114
Dan BewleyBelle Vue6.31114
Jordan StewartRedcar5.74112
Steve WorrallPoole7.57111
Ricky WellsGlasgow7.05108
Craig CookKing's Lynn7.78105
Sam MastersEdinburgh9.03101
Ellis PerksUnattached6.40101
Ulrich OstergaardGlasgow5.9886
Craig CookGlasgow0.1885
Niels-Kristion IversenUnattached7.5485
Connor MountainNewcastle4.7381
Stefan NielsenPoole4.5181
Josh PickeringEdinburgh6.9881
James WrightNewcastle4.0080
Jason CrumpIpswich8.2180
Rasmus JensenSwindon7.8677
Rory SchleinPoole8.6976
Connor BaileyGlasgow3.1174
Sam JensenGlasgow4.3473
Anders RoweIpswich2.0073
Jordan PalinScunthorpe2.0073
Richard LawsonEastbourne8.3272
Jason EdwardsEastbourne2.3872
Scott NichollsKent8.3572
Luke BeckerWolverhampton5.2771
Danny KingIpswich6.8368
Jack HolderSheffield7.4967
Paul StarkeKent6.4967
Kyle HowarthLeicester7.1567
Thomas JorgensenScunthorpe6.4766
Brady KurtzBelle Vue7.5463
Danny KingPoole8.6763
Ashley MorrisSheffield3.3262
Troy BatchelorSheffield8.8261
Anders RoweRedcar4.3861
Ty ProctorLeicester6.8459
Drew KempIpswich3.0058
Dan ThompsonLeicester2.0057
Ryan DouglasLeicester8.3156
Josh GrajczonekSheffield7.2954
Nicolai KlindtIpswich7.4354
Max CleggNewcastle5.0554
Justin SedgmenGlasgow5.2054
Bradley Wilson-DeanPeterborough5.4753
Richie WorrallEdinburgh8.2553
Rory SchleinWolverhampton6.6553
Peter KildemandUnattached7.1052
Jack ThomasBirmingham2.4951
Charles WrightRedcar9.5951
Steve WorralBelle Vue5.6751
Ben BarkerNewcastle7.2451
Chris HarrisBirmingham8.7050
Aaron SummersBerwick7.1850
James SarjeantEdinburgh4.0049
Todd KurtzUnattached4.0248
Richard LawsonSheffield5.7848
Kyle NewmanEastbourne5.1648
Nathan StonemanSomerset2.0047
Danny AyresUnattached5.5146
Cameron HeepsKent7.4246
Nick MorrisLeicester8.3845
Joe LawlorRedcar2.0045
Rohan TungateUnattached6.5944
Ulrich OstergaardPeterborough4.0044
Simon LambertScunthorpe5.1642
Jye EtheridgeBelle Vue4.3542
Sam MastersWolverhampton7.3540
Josh McDonaldPoole4.0039
Kyle HowarthSheffield5.7239
Cameron HeepsIpswich6.3038
Lewis KerrKing's Lynn5.5738
Michael Palm ToftPeterborough6.3036
Dan GilkesKent2.0035
Michael Palm ToftRedcar8.1835
Joe ThompsonLeicester2.0035
Jordan StewartIpswich4.0035
Paco CastagnaBirmingham4.9334
Zach CookPlymouth4.0033
Who is This?Unattached0.0032
Josh BatesLeicester6.3531
Jordan JenkinsRedcar2.0031
Edward KennettEastbourne8.6230
Lasse FredriksenEdinburgh5.0030
Lewis KerrEastbourne7.5330
Fernando GarciaBerwick4.9529
Zane KeleherPoole4.0029
James ShanesBirmingham5.3128
Nikolaj Busk JakobsenBerwick7.4628
Kasper AndersenRedcar4.8627
Tom BrennanEastbourne6.0527
Jacob ThorssellUnattached7.3325
Michael HartelUnattached4.0025
Josh AutyScunthorpe7.6125
William LawsonEdinburgh3.9125
Jye EtheridgeBerwick6.8424
Ashley MorrisBirmingham5.4624
Matt WethersNewcastle6.9224
Thomas JorgensenKing's Lynn5.9023
Dany GappmaierBerwick6.3223
Tero AarnioScunthorpe6.8521
Theo PijperScunthorpe5.4921
Jason GarrityUnattached7.2320
Claus VissingNewcastle8.4318
Ondrej SmetanaUnattached5.0017
Ben CookPoole4.0015
Luke BeckerSomerset8.4315
Rob LedwithKent4.0013
Tom BaconKent5.2012
Eh? Eh?Unattached0.0011
Alfie BowtellPlymouth3.1011
Bradley Wilson-DeanSomerset8.7510
Ben MorleyKent3.8110
Tom BrennanBelle Vue3.008
Kye ThomsonEdinburgh4.007
Adam RoynonNewcastle4.007
Valentin GrobauerBirmingham5.384
Jason CrumpPlymouth9.813
Paul HurryKent5.872
Bjarne PedersenPlymouth8.312
Dillon RumlPlymouth5.002
Ryan KinsleyKing's Lynn3.002
Joe AlcockNewcastle3.001
Richie WorrallBelle Vue5.221
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