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28 July 2021
The Premiership standings

Pos Team TR Manager Supports Pts
1Hampden Heathens5Alisdair Hunter Glasgow787
2dees prem2Paul King Poole784
32 wheel magicians0Andrew Welch Coventry783
4No More Heroes Prem0David Entwistle Rye House782
5Scoffer No42Peter Leavis Lakeside781
6My lads2Alan Frith Sheffield774
7Carol No41Carol Meader Lakeside773
=pauls prem1Paul King Poole773
9Meadowbank Lions6Alisdair Hunter Glasgow767
10Donsabuzzing0Terry Buckle Wimbledon755
11Carol No31Carol Meader Lakeside754
12Hot Toddy0Terry Buckle Wimbledon753
13Aroundtheoutside 22Garry Paul Coventry749
=Premier Punters3Ally Nicolson Glasgow749
15Paisley Rd W Forever0Doug Nicolson Glasgow745
=Pure Premier3Manuel Merkus Scunthorpe745
17Premier Pursuit3Ally Nicolson Glasgow741
18pooles prem0Paul King Poole732
19Aroundtheoutside 40Garry Paul Coventry731
=Premier Racers0David Sutherst Redcar731
21KDM30Keith Milton Poole728
22Premiership Picks0Russell Osborne Coventry726
23Carol No10Carol Meader Lakeside725
24Aroundtheoutside 12Garry Paul Coventry715
25Rudys team3Terry Buckle Wimbledon714
26Historians5Dennis Craig Workington712
=Aroundtheoutside 30Garry Paul Coventry712
28KDM10Keith Milton Poole709
=Elite Lions0Sam Leeson Leicester709
30elm park3Jake Adams 702
31Scoffer No10Peter Leavis Lakeside700
32Bramhall5David Craig Workington697
TR = transfers remaining, = still active in Mushroom Cup
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