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10 June 2023
The Mushroom Cup
Phase 1What happens
Apr 4 - 17 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
Apr 18 - May 1 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 2 - 15 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
May 16 - 29 Top 64 points scorers to 2nd phase
Knockout phase (dates are subject to change)
Second roundWhat happens
June 1 - 12 The remaining 256 teams go head to head producing 128 winners.
Third roundWhat happens
June 14 - 26 The remaining 128 teams go head to head producing 64 winners.
Fourth roundWhat happens
June 28 - July 10 The remaining 64 teams go head to head producing 32 winners.
Fifth roundWhat happens
July 12 - 24 The remaining 32 teams go head to head producing 16 winners.
Sixth roundWhat happens
July 26 - Aug 7 The remaining 16 teams go head to head producing 8 winners.
Aug 9 - 14 Quarter-finals
Aug 16 - 21 Semi-finals
Aug 23 - Sep 10 THE FINAL
Second round
Wright Payne T Buckle140Muggles M Roberts92
Wee-Eck 4 A Wood125Team wint 1✈️ S Ponder116
KDM3 K Milton126Blantyre Gunners A Hunter129
Chasing the Dirt B Talbot121KDM5 K Milton143
Hampden Hawks D Nicolson108thornaby tornados M Green112
the mg specials M Green168Barney No5 A Wood133
Championship Manager J Sutherst132Windy Millers C Key152
Harlee's Howlers A Brown119Daves no fear boys D Lee117
Board bouncing R Whittaker110Team Belle Vue 8 D Nuttall157
Dan's Dynamite7 R Whittaker130Best of the best NL J Piccolo160
eye fliers D Mountain157longsight spring B Ashton118
Carol No5 C Meader97Ellithan 7 P Gardner119
ASHBY7 J Parsons126Bees Knees V1X M Jones118
heathers heathens 2 M Green108exe valley rebels S Davey149
morphs racers S Morris99SGB CHAMP Select 3 D Cullip132
Glaven Giants R Golsby108tin pot seven T Hetheridge155
Sideways syd T Buckle147Rugeley Lions C Faulkner118
Argyle Devils 4 R Osborne96Wimbledon_Dons D Wall121
Shale Shifters G Stevens95Garry Stead Champion D Sutherst108
Scoffer No14 P Leavis123Briggo's Bandits J Faldo93
tin pot seven T Hetheridge155Scoffer No11 P Leavis105
Team Belle Vue 10 D Nuttall151petes pirates P Perkins114
Doonfoot Dynamos D Nicolson119Scoffer No13 P Leavis109
Ace5 I Spalding125King Ronnie T Buckle126
Moms wheelie good B Booth107Scunny1+2 C Key119
Cole’s crusaders D Simpson152Woffy T D Entwistle139
Wright Payne T Buckle140eye fliers D Mountain157
My hopes A Frith129Marions Lucky 7 M Freeman149
Barry’s 2 J Peacock115Fuzzy Ducks J Sutherst132
Morvah Merseysiders D Jarvis80Kc74 C Foster97
Sunshine7 P Tye102CM 01/02 A Nicolson136
Championship Manager J Sutherst132Scoffer89a No5 P Leavis102
Bees Knees 1 M Jones128Scoffer89a No10 P Leavis147
C TRIALIST D Entwistle157Insane Caribou Posse R Lee106
Bethany3 C Frith63Bees Knees 111 M Jones142
Barney No2 A Wood157Team Drina 2🍷❤️ S Ponder95
longsight champions B Ashton148bladey1 A Darlaston101
tenpin prem P Goodrum97Fondue Fryup J Mckellar80
Scoffer No15 P Leavis127malas mauraders M Green109
Fondue Spurtle J Mckellar102My dreams A Frith154
Scoffer89a No5 P Leavis102Wee-Eck 5 A Wood136
Scoffer No10 P Leavis105Atticus seven T Hetheridge133
Heathens Select C Faulkner126Scoffer89a No8 P Leavis109
Kevin Entwistle Rock D Entwistle140Hot Toddy T Buckle116
Fortescue Tigers C Faulkner131Wee-Eck 5 A Wood136
Gravediggers D Grainger114Pam's Cubs P Campbell94
Bethany2 C Frith105Spring Rolls J Sutherst109
ashy 4 B Ashton137bladey1 A Darlaston101
Gilkes Trip J Sutherst73Jason Premier J Peacock130
longsight champions B Ashton148Magnificent 7 D Twine109
Commentator 🎤👍 S Ponder96Bethany1 C Frith119
Vikings 2004 D Sutherst161Sting Ray Morton T Buckle131
last bend Luckhurst T Buckle130Two wheel magicians3 A Welch94
Gilkes Trip 2 J Sutherst138Team Belle Vue 10 D Nuttall151
Scoffer No10 P Leavis105Falcons7 R Holland91
Aussie Bommers Prem B Talbot119Argyle Devils 1 R Osborne96
falkirk saints M Green61Gilkes Trip 2 J Sutherst138
tenpin allstars P Goodrum118EL Bears J Sutherst121
Travellight P Tye126Super Sutherners J Sutherst126
Saunders D Entwistle154Spring Rolls J Sutherst109
spring chickens D Sutherst154Wee—Eck 1 A Wood129
malas mauraders 2 M Green87Team Echo 2 14 🦜🦚🦃🌴 S Ponder127
Scoffer89a No2 P Leavis98Wee-Eck 3 A Wood150
Lou Snutz N Mcleod130Sky Blue Bees A Brown100
Bethany1 C Frith119Bees Knees X1V M Jones143
Romford Bombers G Scarff147Sutton Roofers 5 K Taylor129
Super Sutherners J Sutherst126exe valley wolves S Davey132
Team Steven 3🍻🏆 S Ponder138My dreams A Frith154
Wee-Eck 2 A Wood147longsight premier B Ashton136
Kc71 C Foster129Muddy Rutts T Buckle140
Gating gloves on L Adams96Pam's Lads P Campbell139
KDM5 K Milton143Scoffer No15 P Leavis127
Phoenix Knights 1 M Howe139Two wheel magicians3 A Welch94
Paisley Rd W Forever D Nicolson104Mullarkey D Entwistle148
ashy 3 B Ashton154Elizabeth's Eagles N Brown117
Otterham Outlaws D Jarvis133Premier Pirates J Sutherst95
Heathens Select C Faulkner126Golden Oldies L Morris127
kendoddsdadsdogsdead D Sutherst161Garry Stead Champion D Sutherst108
Wee-Eck 5 A Wood136Fortescue Tigers C Faulkner131
slide before a fall D Sutherst127Windy Millers C Key152
Wee—Eck 1 A Wood129HANS7 J Parsons110
Wee-Eck 4 A Wood125KDM1 K Milton109
Bethany2 C Frith105malas mauraders M Green109
Coatbridge Comets A Hunter123Barney No2 A Wood157
Bees Knees 1 M Jones128Kc74 C Foster97
Nielsen’s Wolves A Hunter107Bees Knees V111 M Jones128
EL Vikings J Sutherst130BeesKnees 1V M Jones158
Team 19 Pits S Ponder90eye fliers D Mountain157
My lads A Frith79Happysliders P Tye93
tenpin allstars P Goodrum118prem ears D Mountain133
Alan's Axemen A Brown116The Anchovy Trainer D Sutherst164
Dragon Slayers A Craig88Bengt Handlebars N Mcleod105
Spring Rolls J Sutherst109Hedge Hoppers T Buckle139
Braves 2 A Squires118Sky Blue Bees A Brown100
Scoffer89a No1 P Leavis119Barney No1 A Wood147
exe valley nomads S Davey112Coatbridge Ironmen D Watson134
Bethany6 C Frith103Marzipan Hat P Morris146
Alan's Axemen A Brown116Ellesmere Pirates S Dickens103
Ashfield Giants D Watson147EL Vikings J Sutherst130
Carol No1 C Meader126Team Steven 3🍻🏆 S Ponder138
Sharpington A Sharp107Wee-Eck 2 A Wood147
Hillstown towers K Lilley152Cole’s crusaders D Simpson152
olivias wizards L Morris124Normanby Nomads C Key145
Slim Jim T Buckle128ashy 2 B Ashton139
tenpin champ P Goodrum135Whittem Bandits P Whittem143
Jakhan speeders L Morris107Across The Board K Bennett182
TIGERS 23 C Mccurdy129Harkins Hawks A Hunter68
J b 2 J Burson88Drakes Dynamos R Golsby115
Hot Toddy T Buckle116Barney No5 A Wood133
Graham's Dregs G Campbell133bladey2 A Darlaston107
Garrard D Entwistle173Stithians Saints D Jarvis152
mixed bunch D Bennett126Chicken Naga J Rawson86
Team Belle Vue 2 D Nuttall141bladey1 A Darlaston101
Barney No4 A Wood139Scoffer89a No15 P Leavis110
Golden Oldies L Morris127Racing in Circles B Talbot96
Blackhorse Champs C Whittem111Lucy's Losers C Key145
KDM3 K Milton126badgers bouncers M Green123
Snotlobs Select R Gardner105badgers bouncers M Green123
Fondue Gryphons J Mckellar143Premier Pirates J Sutherst95
Wee-Eck 3 A Wood150TEAM MONSTER ENERGY S Dickens137
Team Faithfull T Darling118Champing At The Bit A Nicolson141
Aberavon Gems J Coles119KC7 C Foster128
Brits only L Donovan99Son of David J Sutherst77
Premier Kings K Bennett144Two wheel magicians5 A Welch102
Bradford North D Sargeant119Champ Man A Nicolson130
Chadsfield Aces C Faulkner140Hampden Heathens A Hunter136
ashy 1 B Ashton119thornaby tornados M Green112
Pat remembered 2022 P Gardner148the mg specials M Green168

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